Daisy Tribute

Bonfire’s Sweet Daisy Mae CDX NA NAJ Can CD TDI
May 11, 1996 – December 8, 2011

Homage to Eugene O’Neill

Bonfire’s Sweet Daisy Mae (known to family, friends, and acquaintances as simply Daisy), went to the Rainbow Bridge on Thursday, December 8, 2011. Born in Rockford, Illinois, to an accomplished dam (Bonfire’s Burning Ember CDX) and a distinguished sire (CH Snowood Optimist Cherry Coke), she came home with Master Jules and Mistress Susan on July 9, 1996, and spent all her years with them. She changed their lives.

Never has there been a sweeter, gentler, more devoted Dalmatian on this earth than Daisy. She loved all humans, and was especially fond of children. In her early years, she shared her home with two elderly cats and was their friend. She cheerfully accompanied Susan to obedience and and agility classes and was impressive, and on occasion even dazzling, in the competitions that they entered. Always courteous and patient, she nevertheless was insistent about taking her daily walk, which she enjoyed until her very last days.

As years went on, and more and more (well over one hundred and one) Dalmatians came to share her home, she welcomed each with an open heart and many play bows. She was indulgent with the young, forgiving with the rude, sensitive with the fearful, and a friend to all. She shared her knowledge of proper Dalmatian comportment with skill and expertise. They took comfort in her presence and went on to new homes happier and more confident as a result.

Poised and self-assured, Daisy was a wonderful Therapy Dog. Her visits to the hospital were appreciated by patients, some of whom expressed surprise at seeing a spotted dog enter their room. To that eternal question, “Aren’t all Dalmatians hyper?”, Daisy responded by sitting quietly to be petted and nuzzling their hand with her nose. She allowed the children to count her spots and touch her soft ears. Greeted by doctors and nurses, she wagged her tail. What a delightful place she thought this was, filled with people who seemed to be there just waiting for her to arrive.

To her Master and Mistress, Daisy was a comfort in times of sorrow, a reason for added joy in moments of happiness, and an endearing presence all these years.

She will never be forgotten.