And Then Came Santa

by Susan on Thursday, February 2, 2012

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in Walking Our Dals

Davey Boy Blue

Davey Boy Blue

Life with a Dal is unpredictable, a true adventure.

Davey came into rescue in August 2010, one of the most frightened young boys that I have ever had in foster care. He had been legally removed from a home due to abuse and neglect in June and had spent two months in a shelter. The shelter notes that arrived with him indicated that he had been “mistreated by a male and is a little timid around men.”

Davey improved in foster care, learned to run and play with the other dogs, and loved affection and attention. He was adopted in November 2010 by Patt and Sean, a wonderful couple who had had Dals before. He went home to Chicago with them and learned all about city life, toys, and doggie day care, which he adored. He loved going to training, and graduated with flying colors from “Shy Dogs,” then “Middle Management,” and finally “Focus.” He made remarkable progress. Patt and Sean were delighted.

And then came Santa.

Patt tells the story:

“Davey goes to doggie daycare a couple days a week and they had a fundraiser for Dogs Deserve Better (who took over Michael Vick’s property). Santa was there doing a photo op, proceeds to the dogs. I didn’t think Davey would go for this whole Santa thing but they urged us to come saying “we love Davey.” Guilted, we went. When it was his turn, Davey jumped right up on the bench next to Santa like an old pro, which surprised me.

But then … Santa …  put … his …arm …around …Davey! Oh Boy!

General chaos ensued. Santa went one way, Davey another, Patt and Sean were trying to get a hold of Davey, someone else was squeaking toys to get his attention, down came the photographers screen – absolute mayhem. The photographer, unfazed, was replacing the screen and urging us all back into positions. Owners, over here. Squeaker, there. Santa, don’t move. Davey sit. Davey would sit for a microsecond before taking flight. Somehow at the end of it all, the photographer handed us this photo. Incredible. Here is:  Santa Stay! Davey Sit!”

Santa, Stay! Davey, Sit!

Santa, Stay! Davey, Sit!

Happy Holidays to all!

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