Misery No More

by Susan Linden on Saturday, February 4, 2012

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Bonnie loves the snow.

Bonnie loves to play in the snow.

Bonnie Boo came into rescue in October 2010.

She had spent the previous three years living in an apartment with a family that seemed to know little about dogs. They kept her in a crate for most of every day and night, where she was forced to lie in her own waste. A person in the area who was aware of this pup’s life told us that her “name is Misery and she has to be exactly that, miserable.” Because of her white coat and spotted ears, Misery’s owners believed that she was a Dalmatian mix. They knew that she was deaf.

In October 2010, Misery’s life changed. Her family relinquished her to Dalmatian Rescue of Illinois. Our volunteer Lynn picked her up. Misery’s coat was stained yellow and brown. She would not make eye contact, and was very nervous. In spite of her behavior, Lynn felt that “something showed that she wanted to be loved.” Misery was also in season and dripping blood, a condition that her owners had not recognized. On the trip to her foster home Misery, excited and confused, hopped all over the car.

Unbeknownst to her, the adventure of her life was just beginning.

During the next few months, Misery was spayed and received all the vet care she needed. She met other dogs in her foster home. She loved to play! Slowly she learned to keep her kennel clean and to trust the new people she met. She left her old name behind and was given a new one: Bonnie Boo.

The DNA analysis we had done revealed that there is no Dalmatian at all in Bonnie Boo. She is a terrier mix. We attempted to find a terrier rescue that might help us place her, but none ever returned our calls. After a time, we declared Bonnie Boo to be an Honorary Dalmatian and have listed her for adoption alongside our Dals. Miserable no longer, she deserves a loving family and a home of her own.

Bonnie Boo is a delightful bundle of energy, curiosity and inquisitiveness. She is loving to people and dogs alike, happy to share toys and affection. She has been in several of our foster homes and has learned a great deal. She has good house manners and learns quickly. She is in excellent health. At forty-five pounds, she is in perfect shape. She loves toys and she loves to play. She now knows some sign language and has no trouble keeping up with what is going on around her. We are delighted to have saved this wonderful girl!

Lynn says now: “The Misery I picked up was afraid to love anyone. Bonnie Boo looks to want to love everyone!”

Bonnie Boo is an exceptional pooch and we aim to find her an exceptional home!


Bonnie Boo and friend

Bonnie Boo and friend get ready for the holidays 2011.

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Deb Trainor February 8, 2012 at 6:48 pm

I had forgotten that she was called Misery! And I had forgotten her earlier life!! She sure has come full circle, I should know–I fostered her for almost a year!! For having such a crappy start on life, she sure is enjoying it now. And even though humans treated her badly in her early life, she has no grudges against humans now!!
She deserves a loving, forever home and I’m sure she will find it through Dalmatian Rescue!!


rhonda cory March 31, 2012 at 10:33 am

THANK YOU, you are a true rescue ! Regardless of breed you did not turn your back. This is true rescue. THANK YOU for saving her you all rock .


Susan March 31, 2012 at 10:45 am

Thank you for the kind words.
Bonnie is a terrific dog!
Bonnie is not the only “non-Dal” we have taken in. We are here for the dogs, no matter where their “spots” come from.


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