Making Your Dal Happy

Naming Your Dal

by Susan Linden on Sunday, February 12, 2012

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Beauregard is a Dalmatian/Basset Hound mix

Giving your Dal a name that becomes him is the first and foremost decision you will make after you adopt. Most of our rescue Dalmatians come to us from shelters and often have no name at all, or have been given a generic one for the breed (Pongo, Dottie, Spot…). We generally rename dogs when they arrive in foster care. A new name is a great start on a new life.

The names humans give their dogs are “an expression of our intense relationship with our dogs,” say Gerd Ludwig and Sharon Vanderlip, DVM, authors of 1000 Dogs Names from A to Z (Barron’s 2005). Whatever the choice, the name you use to call your dog reveals for him, for you, and everyone else in earshot, the deepest feelings and strongest emotions that you attach to this creature of another species. For your dog, his name means to him all the love you bear for him. It should never be used when speaking harshly, or to forbid or punish.

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The Daily WOOF!

by Susan Linden on Sunday, February 5, 2012

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Two Dals waiting for their humans

Waiting for Mom and Dad

Does your dog spend most of the day waiting for you to come home?

We all know that dogs are social animals who need, above all, to spend time with members of their own species, as well as with theirĀ  humans. Too many dogs, alas, spend many hours alone with little to do but wait for their people to return from work, the supermarket, or a human-only version of entertainment.

We owe them more.

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