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Entered our rescue on March 27, 2012

Handsome Rusty
  • Handsome Rusty

About Rusty

Rusty is a beautiful Dal that was left at a shelter in Illinois by his family. They said they were moving and could not take him along.

A very handsome boy with brown spots, Rusty is very underweight and has not gotten the care he needs for a very long time.

We started changing life for him as soon as he arrived in his foster home. His nails were so long that he could not walk properly. We have trimmed them. We are giving him extra-special gourmet meals at regular intervals throughout the day to increase his calorie intake. As soon as he is settled in, he will have a bath.

Rusty is in good health. He has no arthritis and walks and runs like a youngster. He is friendly with everyone and has a great personality!

Rusty is a loving boy. He loves exploring the yard and rolling in the grass. He gets along with all the dogs in his foster home and is very affectionate with humans. He is well-behaved and sleeps on his pillow overnight.

Rusty loves walks, playing with toys, and being near his people.

Rusty needs a family that understands and appreciates senior dogs.

Rusty is crazy about toys!


Update, April 25. Rusty now tips the scales at nearly 50 lbs! His kennel cough is gone. Blood work done yesterday came back normal. He is ready for a new home!