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  • Joey
    Adopted October 2014

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    Adopted May 2014

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    Adopted December 2012

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    Adopted June 2010

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    At home for Christmas 2008

  • Joey
    Adopted March 2009

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    Adopted March 2011

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    Adopted November 2011

  • Angel
    Goes Home May 2010

  • Dashiel
    Adopted January 2008

  • Betsy
    Adopted July 2012

  • Valentine
    Adopted November 2011

  • Cappy and Penny
    At Home December 2005

  • Matlin
    Adopted November 2011

  • Piper
    Adopted April 2007

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    Adopted June 2011

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    Adopted June 2011

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    Adopted December 2011

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    Adopted May 2011

Dalmatian Rescue of Illinois Blog

Ten Reasons to Donate Ten Dollars

by Susan Linden on Monday, October 1, 2012

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Fall Fundraising Campaign October 1-31

Our goal: $10,000 by October 31. Become a Donor!

Ten Reasons to Donate $10 to Dalmatian Rescue of Illinois


1. All work is done by a small group of experienced and dedicated volunteers.

2. We take in dogs from shelters where they have run out of time and from owners who can no longer keep them.

3. We take in dogs of all ages, and those with heartworm, disabilities, and injuries.

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Our Magnificent Minnie

by Susan Linden on Friday, May 18, 2012

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Minnie Blue

Minnie in her casts November 2006

Minnie came into Rescue on September 14, 2006, when she was only five months old.

Born in a puppy mill, she had been sold at a Petland store in June and returned in September. The puppy was not walking properly and was having trouble breathing. The family’s veterinarian had suggested euthanizing her and the family wanted their money back. Petland sent the pup on to another local veterinary practice, where the staff fell in love with her. They called us.

Minnie was, in fact, walking on her carpal joints.

We took Minnie to VCA Aurora Animal Hospital, where she was examined by Dr. Steven Abel, a board-certified surgeon. He told us that her condition was most likely the result of her not having had a surface that provided good footing as she was growing. Being kept only in a wire cage, for example, may cause this disorder.

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Baby Bones Grows Up

by Susan Linden on Friday, May 4, 2012

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Bones was the tiniest puppy.

Bones arrives in Rescue in May 2010.

In May 2010 Dalmatian Rescue of Illinois rescued six puppies that were in dire straits. They were taken immediately to Glencoe Animal Hospital for evaluation and care. About five weeks old, the puppies were severely underweight and soaked in their own urine.

The smallest one tipped the scales at only 2 pounds 8 ounces. The staff at the veterinary hospital named him Bones.

Bones was dehydrated and emaciated. “Starving puppy” was the diagnosis that the vet gave him. She noted that with “excellent nursing care this puppy may survive.”

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