Anna Goes Home

by Susan on Friday, April 6, 2012

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Anna on her way home

Anna, a beautiful senior Dalmatian, went home to Michigan on Wednesday, March 14, with her new family. They are delighted with her and report that she is settling in without a problem.

Anna has had a life full of ups and downs.

She originally belonged to a woman who grew too old to care for her and gave her to the family next door. These people soon moved away and left Anna behind in the home, alone. Concerned neighbors  called local animal control authorities, who came and rescued Anna.

Anna was adopted by a fire department, where she spent the next five years.

Now named Siren, she became the department’s mascot. Last December, the firemen contacted us and asked us to take Siren into rescue. No one seemed to have time for her any longer, and she was spending too much time alone. In addition, she had not been to a vet in a long while and needed some medical attention.

Siren came into rescue on December 5, and spent the next few weeks at Glencoe Animal Hospital. She had a complete checkup and dental work done, and got lots of attention from the staff. In January, she moved to one of our foster homes.

Anna and Dr. Shawna Greene

Anna and Dr. Shawna Greene

Her foster mom Sue renamed her Anna.

Anna loved to run and play, enjoyed her walks, and loved to spend time looking out of the window. She would get very excited, Sue reported, when she saw trucks!

Like many older dogs, Anna had developed a few bumps and lumps. Before her adoption, we took Anna for one last veterinary examination, this time with oncology specialist, Dr. Shawna Greene, at VCA Aurora Animal Hospital. Dr. Greene declared Anna to be in perfect health and “a sweet girl”!

Anna now has all the comforts and delights of home that she deserves, including two wonderful children and a sofa to call her own.

She still loves spending time watching the world go by outside her window.

Our very best to Anna and her new family!

Anna watches the world go by in her new home.


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Sue White April 6, 2012 at 9:45 pm

Hello. My name is Sue and I am a new neighbor of Anna. I know anna’s new family well. I have to say that you could not have found a better family for this sweet dog! Anna seems to have found her place in this home and REALLY does spend time on her “sofa” watching the neighborhood! That is when she is not outside with everyone and/or going for her walks. Great fit!


Susan April 8, 2012 at 9:46 am

Thank you, Sue, for posting. We make a great effort to find the perfect match for each dog in our care. How great to hear from a neighbor that we have made the right choice! Seems Anna not only has a wonderful family. She lives in a great neighborhood, too!


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