Deaf Dog Awareness Week 2013

by Susan Linden on Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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in View from the Rescue Desk

Laverne enjoying the sunshine

This is both National Dog Week and International Week of the Deaf.  Organizations devoted to making life better for deaf dogs have declared it Deaf Dog Awareness Week and we are joining with them in celebration.

Dalmatians have the highest incidence of deafness among dog breeds. It is estimated that 30% are born deaf in one or both ears. We have taken a number of deaf dogs into rescue over the years, and placed them with great success. We believe they deserve a chance to live out their lives in loving homes, where they are well cared for and understood.

Deaf dogs have four other senses which serve them well and they possess the full range of canine emotions. They enjoy the world and the company of their own species. Like other dogs, they love and are devoted to the humans in their lives.

Deaf dogs are capable of being trained and learn in the same way that other dogs learn, through operant and classical conditioning. They are experts at reading our body language, and experts at using their nose.

Please visit our pages on Facebook or Google+ for more information about deafness in Dalmatians and about living with deaf dogs.

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